The Guzo Geez tournament

🙌 Finally, we did it!🙌

The Guzo Geez tournament began on May 7, 2023, at 3:00 PM. The first round lasted until the Ethiopian New Year, 2023. The organizers had prepared different awards, such as smartphones, laptops, AirPads, flash drives, and more surprises. To participate, all participants had to do was download and install the Guzo Geez app from the Play Store. They could also join a challenge to understand Guzo Geez in the first 48 hours. There were special awards for the first winners. For more information and tutorials, participants could check out the company page Enechawet Games. The organizers thanked everyone who collaborated to make the tournament happen. telebirr Chapa Chewata Awaqi – ጨዋታ አዋቂ EGA (Ethiopian Games Association) Yared Ayele yishak Abraham serkzinawu sirak #thankyou #Guzo_Geez

Guzo ge'ez tournament banner.

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