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Our forum is an open place for discussions regarding our games. You can brainstorm ideas, share secrets with fellow gamers on our puzzles and games. You can also discuss any form of topic regarding gaming.
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Guzo Ge'ez Forum

The project Guzo Ge’ez is a playful journey in the process of learning Geez with games in a fun way. The journey starts by teaching Geez numbers. You can post your thoughts and ideas about the game here in this forum.


We basically provide all sorts of Technology related services. Namely, we provide website maintenance services for local and national businesses in Addis Abeba as well as Ethiopia. We also publish games for an Indie game developer and other game development teams and companies. For more checkout our products and services page.

Our Games are available on playstore and on telegram as well as our website. You can experience some of our games from inside your browser on our website here.

In each of our games we have a feedback and bug report section where you can put your feedback and bug reports. There is also an option of using a dedicated forums of our games, we have a forum dedicated to most of our games and development issues, you can raise your issues there and we will take a look at it.

Almost all of our games are mobile games and do not require a fancy hardware to play them. Recently we are planning to come in the form of telegram bot and WebGL game. In conclusion our games do not require much of a high-end fancy hardware we see in market today.

Most of our games do not require any form of account but those who require an account contain a simple in app registration page. Mostly we don’t want our clients to hand us their private data, therefore our accounts are mostly limited to a basic information that would allow us provide quality service. Terms and condition we follow to collect client data are discussed on here. Our privacy policy can also be found here.

You can reach our customer support from the contacts listed in our contacts page here. We have call based customer service, email based customer service and we have forums on our website and community on telegram here.