Enechawet Games Showcases Games at Digital Startup Marketplace

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Enechawet Games, a local game development company, successfully showcased its games at the digital startup marketplace at the Science Museum on July 15-16, 2023.

The company showcased its three games, Guzo Geez, Mamo and Meskel Bird. Guzo Geez is a language learning game that teaches Geez, the official language of Ethiopia and other educational games form tourism, health and other sectors.

The company received positive feedback from visitors who played the games. Many people were impressed by the games’ educational value and their use of Ethiopian culture. The company also received some suggestions for improvement from visitors.

Abiy Hailu, the founder of Enechawet Games, said that he was happy with the turnout at the event. He said that it was “always fun to showcase games and play with people.” He also thanked the visitors for their feedback and suggestions.

The company plans to continue developing games that are educational and culturally relevant. They also plan to attend more events to showcase their games and get feedback from the public.

Enechawet Games yishak Abraham serkzinawu sirak Ministry of Innovation And Technology- Ethiopia UNDP


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